Local Love
I think one of the things that Sprout tries to do is participate in our local community. From having a dialogue with fans and friends on Facebook and Twitter, to collecting mittens for our S’Mitten campaign for kids, from guerrilla gardening, to giving away Christmas wreaths to local businesses, we try to connect and engage with our community and make our city a better and brighter place for there having been a Sprout.
I know.
But it means so much to be part of a community and we don’t ever want to forget that there is no Sprout without the people of Worcester MA.

Local Business
Sprout is proud to be a founding member of Worcester Local First. Worcester Local First is a non-profit network of local, independent businesses. Our mission is to connect consumers and local businesses to create a stronger local economy and a more vibrant community.

Local Flowers
In an effort to provide more local product, we have researched and created a list of the most likely available options.

Green - Locally Grown Flowers by Month


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