Mild mannered wife and bookworm, or flower ninja?

In 2000 I had a vision where bold, creative design and the freshest, most interesting flowers would join forces at the most wicked flower shop Worcester MA had ever seen.  Thus Sprout was born.  I juggle the usual small biz balls – marketing, purchasing, bucket washing, etc., but when the knives and scissors fly you know I am in battle mode and off to combat dull design with kick-ass flowers.

I dream of a day when every home is filled with fresh and creative flowers and vow to bring flowers home more often.  Cuz it’s kind of embarrassing to never have flowers at home when you’re a florist.

Unnamed sources claim to have seen me guerrilla gardening and hiding flower filled eggs about the gritty metropolis.  Did I mention that one of Sprout's missions is to leave Worcester a little better than we found it?  Yeah, I was a Girl Scout.

I'm a social media maven and can be found flitting between Facebook, the Sprout blog, and Twitter, though honestly Twitter is hard for someone who loves words as much as I do.

I live with my amazing husband on the top floor of a nice, book filled 3-decker with off street parking in Worcester.  Where parking matters.  Ask anyone.

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