Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Flora in Winter 2013, Part 1

So...this post is not very timely, but you may have observed I was thrown off my blogging game this year by health problems.  Well, I'm doing some quiet time recovering now, and when the spirit moves me I hope to play a little catch up!

The Worcester Art Museum's Flora in Winter Event was another mid-winter treat!  The artwork I was given to interpret in the galleries this year was Fountain, by Carl Miles.

Obviously I was inspired by all of the great gray plant materials there were to work with!  Lots more stuff out there in that color family than you might have thought.  I do admit to spraying some billy balls silver, they are usually a golden yellow.  Forgive me!

I used many wonderful succulent varieties...and now as I think on it they are so apropos since succulents retain water and this work is about ...water!

Per usual I tried not to be too literal in my interpretation, but I loved the idea of the narrow pillar holding up something more substantial and solid.  Loved the idea enough to do it twice haha!

So while I could not use open expanses of water, I could use these water filled acrylic jelly balls in the column to suggest water.

Look at all of those great gray textures!  Silver brunia, succulents, billy balls, banksia foliage, aloe plants.

Since this piece is monochromatic, texture was really important - shiny, matte, sharp, soft.

And while I did not want to be literal, I did want you to think about water - so I tried to get it in other ways, the water jelly balls, the silver ceramic container that looks like water has beaded up on it, the crushed mirrored glass "mulch".

Oh and a fish!  
Sometimes a little literal is OK!!!

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