Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Order Your Prom Flowers Early

And here's why:

1.  I need to order the flowers the week before your prom.  Otherwise the odds are pretty good that I won't have the flowers you're looking for when you try to place your order the week of prom.

2.  I need to plan my staffing levels.  Otherwise I might not have enough people working enough hours to get the job done.  I can't have them standing around twiddling their thumbs hoping you're going to order prom flowers.

3.  We reach our limit early.  I'm picky.  Prom flowers are time consuming and full of painstaking detail.  It's like trying to make exquisite flower sushi.  Perfect.  Every time.  We don't just whip them up, throw them together, or have them premade sitting around on speculation.  So when I think we are at our limit of what we can do and do well, we stop taking orders.

You don't want to be the couple who gets shut out do you?

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