Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Prom Flowers 2013

Yes, it's that time of year again already!  Prom is a season in Worcester, not just a week or two, unlike other towns.

We have something new for you this year.

We are introducing a Basic Wrist Corsage and Basic Boutonniere.  We recognize that some folks need a simpler more budget friendly option and we are happy to oblige.

By limiting the bracelet and color options, we are able to bring you Sprout style at a more affordable price.  We can't be specific about which white orchids the Basic Collection will have, as I am pretty picky about quality, so it's going to be the best looking white orchids I can find on any given week.


Basic Wrist Corsage
White orchids on either a white, silver or black base and bracelet.  (Black not shown)

Basic Boutonniere
White orchid to match, with pins.  (no pic, sorry)

For those of you who need more choices, the sky's the limit with the Custom Designed Collection!  We have dozens of gorgeous bracelets to choose from - no granny panty elastics here!  We have tons of ribbon including animal prints and stuff that glitters, as well as neon tubing ribbon.  There's all kinds of bling and feathers to add on and of course a wide range of flower choices


Custom Designed Wrist Corsage
Your choice of bracelet, ribbons, flowers, and accessories.

Custom Designed Boutonniere
All the same options as the girls, plus an upgrade from pins to magnet.
$15 - 20

We hope you can find something to suit your prom needs in either collection!

As always, we recommend ordering your prom flowers a week in advance.  Prom flowers are labor intensive work and we often have to limit how many orders we take in order to do our best quality work.

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