Friday, January 25, 2013

The Sprout Big Chill Test

So when it's this cold out (OK it's been single digits and teens this week, but I'm talking about any temps below freezing) we tell people that they can't leave their flowers in their car (or ride home with them on their bike or motorcycle or even walk more than a minute or two).

Yes, they will freeze.

Insert questioning looks.

I mean it, they will freeze.
No, you can't leave them in your car for an hour or two.
Unless you have the car running and the heat on.


I know there are still skeptics, so we did a test.

Gerbera daisy, anemone, and tulip.
Looking pretty perky.
It's 18 degrees F out.

One hour later.
They don't look too bad, the tulip is drooping a little, but that's about it until I go to pick up the vase.
Then a very frozen leaf broke off.

The water is frozen.

OK, all of the petals are brittle and frozen.
They snap and break, like thin glass or that thin layer of ice on top of a puddle.

The flowers are brought indoors.
This is how they look after an hour.

You can see the water is thawing.
Well so did the very frozen flowers.
The colors are yucky.
This is just bad.

Don't ask me how Martha makes those perfect frozen water flower filled ice buckets and vodka bottles.
I can only assume her flowers never thaw.


Exotic Flowers said...

love this, thanks for sharing.

Sprout said...

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?! Thanks for reading!

Stems said...

Awesome post, Cathy!

Sprout said...

Thanks Dore!


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