Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Like a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are as rare as snow in October.  ;-)

Really, other than the occasional holiday wedding (take your pick - Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years - but usually never more than one of those) we seldom get a wedding in the dead of winter.

New Englanders are intrepid when it comes to weather, but the same cannot be said of far flung guests, so most couples don't risk it.

But this couple looked Mother Nature in the face and dared her to ruin their day!

Mother Nature cooperated.
Thanks lady.

Pale blue hydrangea, tweedia like forget-me-nots on steroids, tiny grape hyacinths, sweet creamy roses, ranunculus, gray velvet dusty miller, cocoa brown pine cones and magnolia leaves.  The bride's bouquet has a gentle cascade.  I't makes me happy that folks are asking for more variety of form.

Icy cool, without any spinouts.

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