Monday, January 14, 2013

Flower Fix: Flora in Winter

Last week's Flower Fix was fun!  OK, they're all fun, but you get me talking about flowers and art and inspiration, and well it becomes an exuberant gab fest!

Here is what you missed:

First up - great, great, grand uncle Schuyler.  This is an old sepia toned portrait of a relative of mine.  He was in the Civil War (I've always thought that phrase was an oxymoron).  Lost part of his ear in the war.

Any how, the obvious jumping off point for inspiration here is color.  There's not a lot of color here but old Schuyler is in those earthy brown tones and my mother put him in this hideous frame and red mat that I'm sure came from Zayre's in the 70's, so I thought Mom's copper luster pitcher with flowers in several shades of red would complement.  Easy peasy.

This little painting is by one of my favorite author/blogger/painters, Amy Stewart.  It's of an NYC jazz club called the Village Vanguard, it's bold and very expressionist.  Color of course grabs you but here we're also interested in forms.  The nightclub's awning is a nice strong horizontal rectangle.  So I grabbed this aqua vase (there are some subtle aqua tones in the painting) and a quick row of red roses and voila!  Looks like you spent a semester studying art history, right?

And last is this landscape by me.  You didn't know I could paint, did you?  That's cuz I pretty much stopped once I opened the leaves me too drained for other creative pursuits much of the time.

This is Ireland (Dingle Penninsula if you're keeping score at home) and it's as green and blue as you can imagine, so the obvious inspiration here is color for sure, but the painting is also about the movement of the line of the stone wall and the road.  I'm not a big fan of a literal expression of flowers where you can go, oh this flower is the head, this flower is that guy, this flower is the bowl, but I think the addition of the curving lines bells of Ireland (haha!  I know!) lead your eye the way the wall and road do.

If you have an interest in seeing more flowers inspired by art, the Worcester Art Museum's annual Flora in Winter event is coming up soon January 31 - February 3, 2013. 

I know we'll be there, in flowers and in body!

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Daniel and Erin said...

This totally reminds me of floral school back in the day. I had to interpret a painting of clouds by the group of seven. I used blue hydrangeas to.


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