Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cost of Wedding Flowers - Centerpieces

We haven't done one of these posts in a while, so when I stumbled across this pretty arrangement below, I knew it was time to do a price analysis!

Flowers by Amy Merrick for Design Sponge.

This delicate pink collection of blushing blooms would be perfect for an early spring wedding or bridal shower.  These petite blooms are nestled in an antique pink depression glass sherbet cup.  There's not a lot in the picture to refer to for size, but I think everyone knows lily of the valley to be a tiny flower, so this whole arrangement is probably a very petite 8-9 inches across and tall.

Now for the numbers.
Are you sitting down?

This little beauty will cost you between $100 - 140.

That's something like $11 - 16 an inch!

Here's the breakdown:

2/3 stem magnolia @ $15
3 large French ranunculus @ $7 each
3 smaller ranunculus @ $3 each
3 stems lily of the valley @ $6 each
4 chocolate cosmos @ $3 each
pink vase @ $10
Materials Total - $80.
Labor - $20 - 60.
Grand Total - $100 - 140.

Based on the $80 for materials my shop would usually add 50% for labor, but since this is a tiny and easy drop in arrangement I'd probably do it for less and charge $100.  Other shops with different markups and different expenses might charge as much as $140.

This is what happens when your taste runs towards the tiny and expensive.

So as a retail florist in a world where most people don't have $100+ to spend on 9 inches of flowers (never mind how dinky that would look in the middle of a dinner table!), I get presented pictures like this and have to come up with a more affordable version.

I can do that.
It won't be the same.
But it will still be pretty!


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