Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

A few flower treats to tempt you!  Please note that flower selection might not be exactly as shown, but always in the same colors.  We like to give you the freshest blooms of the moment, so varieties may vary.

 Mashed Potatoes and Gravy - 90.
A perennial favorite!  Lush arrangement in golds and creams.

Pumpkin Pie - 90.
A classic.  A delicious dish in shades of, yes, pumpkin with a touch of lime green.

Harvest Moon - 75.
Oblong shape with rustic touches.  Whites and creams, perfect for any table.

Cranberry Bog - 75.
Oval shaped centerpiece.  Rich shades of burgundy and plum.

Squash Blossom - 50.
Sweet hobnail vase.  Gold and spice colors.

Green Bean Casserole - 60.
A longer lasting succulent garden for those who prefer to be a little green.


Laurie (Fleurie) said...

A feast for the eyes!

Stephanie Cavanaugh said...

Love the hi-low juxtaposition ofthe paint spattered step ladder and the beautiful blooms.

Sprout said...

Thanks Fleurie! And I was so thinking about the juxtaposition...subconsciously LOL!


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