Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flower Fix: The Pod Squad

What you missed at Flower Fix!

This was The Pod Squad session, where we talked about pods, and berries, and leaves, and simple ways of working them into your home.

Growler that Husband neglected to return wrapped with printed burlap ribbon and a few sprays of wild rose hips.  This a is a great way to incorporate a bit of that rustic trend that's so hot right now.

These two pics show you how to use lotus pods as a simple support structure for other pods and flowers. Just set the lotus pod so it fits the top of your vase and poke the other stems through it, use a bamboo skewer to make the holes if you need to.

How cute are these?!  We talked a lot about using pods and leaves as botanical specimens, and these are quick and easy botanical "prints" you make with a little spray adhesive and some fresh materials.  You could even use these for table numbers or as signage on your Thanksgiving dessert buffet.

Pods as specimens under glass.  Surely you have an old cheese dome you never use any more if you don't have a garden cloche.  Glass apothecary jars all work well with the specimen look.  The beauty of this is that it takes very little materials to make an interesting display.

And it's great if you have allergies!

Now I know you're thinking - Dried flowers are back?  I remember the 70's and I don't need to go there again.

You're right, we don't want to go back there.
Dusty eucalyptus sprays in the bathroom.
Crumbling straw flowers.

Reference the comments and this post at Bow Street Flowers' blog.

Here's the thing - think of dried flowers, pods, and bits and bobs as longer lasting - not forever lasting.
Give them an expiration date - say 3 months.
Then give them the heave-ho.

I mean it.


Bow Street Flowers said...

Heave ho is right!!! Is this your new space? I'm a little envious. brick? dropped lighting? wow.

Sprout said...

Yes! This is the new space, such as you can see it. When you have that hip done maybe you should do some occupational therapy at Sprout... ;-)


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