Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cool Blooms for Fall


Spotted in the flower market:

Yeah, I know - and you thought they only came as potted plants.
Me too.

Black daisy poms.
And the green centers - make them vibrate.

Black sunflowers.
And all the other sunflower varieties, locally grown.

Stephanotis, on the vine.
This is how that dainty white wedding flower grows.

And if I tell you these gladiolas weren't exactly gray, but had a hint of lavender to them, a splash of crimson on their throats, and looked amazing and scary and sexy, you'd buy them, right?


Trees & Petals said...

Interesting! I had no idea stephanotis grew on a vine! The black daisy poms are awesome.I can already think of a Halloween arrangement using that and the black sunflowers. So cool. Thanks for sharing!

Trees & Petals

Trees & Petals said...

Wow! Neat! I had no idea that stephanotis grew on a vine. The black mums look really awesome. I can immediately think of a Halloween arrangement with those along with the black sunflowers.The color of the gladiolas freaks me out. Thanks for sharing!


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