Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Amber Waves


As American as apple pie,
amber waves of grain.

Wheat, grasses, penny cress, sea holly thistles, the ever popular billy balls or as we pros like to say -

A little touch of burlap.

The roses are called "Combo".  
I think for the peanut butter snack, but it is not confirmed.
Please let me know if you can authenticate my hunch.

A honey of a wedding.
Marriage is sweet.


An Urban Cottage said...

Really pretty flowers, Sprout. I love the addition of the grasses. Perfect for the season.

That cake is something too!

Nice work.

Sprout said...

Thanks sir! Grasses make me pretty happy. :-)

I intend to do a post about your book, but keep lending it out! Must get it back...

Bow Street Flowers said...

You rocked this, Cathy!!! Really pretty fall flowers. Love the bouquet.

Razmataz said...

Wow, you said it...apple pie...incredibly gorgeous,especially that cake.

paisleysummer said...

I love this combination! x


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