Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Corporate Event - Or How to Light Up a Room

So this post was going to be about the cool corporate event we did recently.  

But now it's going to be about lighting and colors.

The client chose a sophisticated color scheme of chocolate brown linen, mixed metals for containers and dinnerware, and cream and green flowers.

The first two pictures show you what the flowers looked like in natural lighting:

Those flowers were in the lobby of the event space.  
But the event was taking place in this setting, on a stage. 
Notice the lighting.

OK, I totally understand that if you have access to theatrical lighting, you want to use it.
Of course!

But look what it does to the chocolate brown linens and the cream and green flowers:

The flowers kind have taken on a creepy and violet tones cancel out the green.  And certainly the cream flowers don't look cream.

Do either of the above tablecloths look chocolate brown to you?


The two pictures are the best of the lot color-wise, but the flower colors are still not what I would expect them to be.  I loved these podium pieces in the shop and think the way they frame the clear podium is awesome, but the green flowers and foliage have all but disappeared.  The red tones in the lighting cancel them out.

So lesson to the story - ask about theatrical lighting.  My clients said they loved the flowers, but I was sorely disappointed.

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