Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spring Mountain Wedding

Spring has flown by and now it's summer, and I don't know where the time went, but before too much more time goes by, here's a lovely little wedding we did at Harrington Farm in Princeton Ma , on the side of Mt. Wachusett.

The bride wanted an oval bouquet mostly in white with just a little purple.  I couldn't resist using the purple clematis!  And I'm also loving the touches of greenery from the clematis, ladies mantle, and ferns.

Bridesmaids' bouquets with a big pop of spring color - thanks to anemones and "Free Spirit" roses.

Here's Gretchen from Enchanted Wedding Cakes putting some flowery touches between the tiers.

Ta da!  The finished cake, which I'm sure tasted just as yummy as it looked!

People ask all the time about where they can mix the heights of the centerpieces and I say why not?  There's no law that says everything must be the same height.  It's what works for you.

Husband is a full eleven inches taller than I am.  Need I say more on the subject?

OK, let's talk.  Placecard rock climbing wall.  Have you seen one before?

Neither had I, but isn't it amazing?!  My only contribution to this was the moss, but look at the teeny tiny carabiners and the purple rope that matches the wedding - adorable!!

And why a rock climbing wall?  Well, the bride and groom share happy memories from camp, and used photos of them at the camp as their table numbers, including this one, Table One, taken at the rock climbing wall.

OK, all together now.


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