Monday, June 25, 2012

Flowers at Home

This is how flowers land in the house of Sprout.
On the chair,
the ottoman,
kitchen counter.

Until until I feel like putting them in a vase at some point.

Join the flowers at home fun here.


flwrjane said...

Ha! Don't I know it.

Well I love your chair and think they look very comfy there.

Can I get them something to drink

Thanks for joining in.

xo Jane

Jen said...

Beautiful flowers and chair!

Amelia said...

Ooooh peonies! How I miss them.

Bow Street Flowers said...

More pink! I can't get enough pink.

Bare Mtn Farm said...

They look gorgeous on the chair!

The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

Saw you were part of Janes event so popped in to have a nosey. I love those reclining flowers.

Becca said...

Your peonies are just drool worthy! pretty!

Sprout said...

Thanks all! I'm always a little sad when I miss out on Jane's event. I seldom have flowers at home, but got lucky this time I guess!

The chair is a month old. These are its first flowers. :-)


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