Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bridge of Flowers

If one is wandering around the Berkshires via the Mohawk Trail, and it is a perfect summer day out, a small detour, really more of a slight turn, lands you at the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls MA.

The bridge was built for trolleys in 1908, but by 1927 the trolley company went bankrupt due to the modern automobile.

Within two years the tracks were overgrown with weeds and in 1929 the volunteers at the local women's club had loam delivered and started to create this beautiful bridge of flowers out of what had become an eyesore.


With so many roses baking in the summer sun - it smelled amazing with every step.

Loved the high contrast between the neon bright bloom and the deep nearly black foliage of this dahlia.

Does anyone know what these funky pod things are?!  They are very cool and while many of the plants had tags, I did not see one for these.

Totally worth the detour!


alicia.. said...

wow, so pretty! I want to go there :)

Sprout said...

Definitely worth seeinf if you're in the area!


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