Sunday, May 6, 2012

Prom Flowers 2012 - Succulent Wrist Corsages

Prom season still has about four more weeks to go around here, so we are just over the halfway mark.

Here is a twist on the wrist!  What do you say to using succulents for wrist corsages?!

I had made the fuchsia and cheetah base for this corsage when I noticed this lovely little succulent sitting on my workbench, and thought "Why not?"

Popped it in and some awesome blingy feathers and snapped a pic.  What do you think? I love it!

Here's the actual corsage filled for a custom order, with baby pink roses and sweet little ranuculus blossoms.  Matching boutonniere - of course.

This delicate wrist corsage has several types of flowers in it - mini callas, nerine blossoms, and tiny mini cymbidium orchids with just a touch of waxflower.

And here's a very similar wrist corsage, but set up with succulents and feathers.

What do you think - would you go out on a limb and ask for succulents for prom?  They're hot as all get out for weddings, is prom next?

Do you dare be the first one??!!

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