Monday, May 14, 2012

Green House Open - Green House Closed

My favorite wholesale grower had an open house a few weeks ago so we took advantage of the opportunity to see the greenhouses in all their springy glory.

Teeny tiny "plugs".

See how small they are!  Greenhouse plankton!

Thought these ivy walls the caterer was hiding behind were a nifty screen.

Yes, succulents are still in.  I'm kind of in love with these neon edged kalanchoes.
Especially en masse.


You know a nursery has been around along time when they have something quirky & old in it.
Might be a large plant.
Might be a moss beaver.

I know "they" say that no interior space is complete without a touch of black.
Do you think the same holds true outdoors?
If it does, then I would order up some of this black mondo grass.

Pansy path.
Not primrose.
To port-a-potties.

A few more pansies.

You might wonder about the title of this post:  Green House Open - Green House Closed.  

Green House Closed is the mnemonic we used in college to remember the three types of soil water.  If you need to know them they are - Gravitational, Hygroscopic, and Capillary.

Don't you feel better for knowing that?  I haven't needed that piece of knowledge for many many moons, but there you have it - I have passed it on to you!  Do with it what you will, but remember, Green House Closed.

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