Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flowers in Mourning - Memorial Service

Flowers for a memorial service can be kind of tricky sometimes.  Without a large focal point like a casket, it's hard to know what kind of display to make, how substantial to make it, or even if any display at all is too much.  Don't want to cross the line into ostentation.

In this instance the client had envisioned using a pair of orchid plants that she would keep after, and combining it with some other plants as well as fresh flowers.  She wanted it to be very springy.

This is the display at the church.  I had never been to this church before and pictured a much more traditional altar space and never imagined a sanctuary on the scale of this one.  Not saying our New England churches are tiny, but most of them don't seat 1200 people.

So I while I liked the display well enough, it was also a little disappointing.  The orchids disappeared into the plain background, and while colorful overall, it seemed under scaled for the space.

But then while I was tidying up the last crumbs of moss, someone flicked some switches and - voila!

Blue skies, spring, and sunshine burst forth!

Context is everything.
So bear with me if I ask you questions that might seem irrelevant, like -
"Will the wall change color?"


Whistlestop Florist said...

Kathy, this was an interesting piece.I've been in the same spot. Well, maybe not a wall changing color but wishing the customer had more info. Ah well. Anyway, I ALWAYS enjoy your blog. Hope your terrarium bar does well. Nanette

Sprout said...

I never even thought to ask the wall color! I thought it would be "churchy" looking LOL! You can bet I'll ask in the future. :-)


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