Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY - Terrarium Bar!

Have you seen our new Terrarium Bar?!

It's pretty cool!  Everything you need to make your own terrarium - from plants to soil to accessories.  It's a great gift to make for someone or with someone.  I'm thinking moms and kids this week, but really I could see lots of people having fun with this!

Each complete kit is $30 (items are $35.50 purchased separately) and contains:
  • 1 fern plant
  • 1 moss plant
  • 1 bag of either Mossy or Woodsy decor
  • 1 bag of either Stoney or Sparkly decor
  • 1 bag gravel
  • 1 bag soil with mesh combo
  • 1 vase
  • Step-by-step instructions
 Put it all together and you could end up with a terrarium very much like this one!
Come on - get your green thumb a little dirty!!!

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