Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wrist Corsages for Prom

You know we keep calling these wrist corsages prom flowers, but really they could just as easily be for a ball, cotillion, debutante, or any other formal event.

We just mostly have proms around here.

This black and white set features orchids with flash ribbon and the new sparkle tulle.  Simple but sparkly!

 More mini cymbidium orchids, but this time with a hint of pale icy blue.

Shades of purple.  Looks like there's some blue in there on my monitor, but since I made these, I can tell you it was all in shades of purple and lavender - purple mini callas and orchids with a splash of agonis foliage.

And last but not least, hot pink baby roses with purple and black accents.  I'm loving the agonis foliage again here, but my favorite bit is the new bracelet set with a kind of artsy eclectic look.  Like most of our wrist corsages, you can carefully snip the flowers off after and enjoy the bracelets!


Kelly said...

I think Worcester needs a cotillion.

Sprout said...

Kelly, I like it! You host so I can start shopping for a dress!


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