Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flowers at Home - the Inconvenient Truth

So I seldom take flowers home.
I know - bad florist.
I'd like to take flowers home, sometimes I even put them aside at the shop fully intending to take them home.

But then they sit there.
And languish.
Until my staff says "Maybe you should throw these out...?"

The horrible truth is, it feels like work to do flowers at home.
I can't throw the stems on the floor.
I have to chop them up small to get them in my trash and then you just know they're going to poke through the bag.

There's nothing like a broom, big barrel, and a dumpster.

The second horrible truth is, I just don't have that many places to actually put flowers in my apartment. We don't have a coffee table, just tiny tables barely big enough for an actual cup of coffee and a magazine.
No kitchen table.
No mantle.
Our bookcases are crammed with books.

The dining room table is generally covered with paperwork - hello small business owner and too many committees!

Here is where I can put flowers -
the tiniest corner of my bathroom counter!

It occurs to me that many of you might have the same space problems I do.

Why do we let that stop us from bringing home flowers?!
Just one or two blooms, something special or sweet - we can find a spot, can't we?
The bath,
a nightstand, 
next to that cup of coffee.
I'll put the magazine on the floor.

I resolve to try to find a spot for flowers.

Will you?!

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