Monday, March 19, 2012

Sprout Prom - the Book!

OK, everyone knows I love books ,but I never thought I'd make one of my own!  It was so easy! 

There's always so much interest in our unique and custom prom flowers, that I compiled a bunch of our pictures into a book. 

Ta dah!!!


If you're going to prom, come on down and check out the designs in our book - they'll give you some good ideas that we can use to create a custom look just for you!

(And if you're a florist who would like a copy of the book to inspire you, it's for sale on Blurb - see sidebar towards the top of the page.)


Elle R. said...

wow!! it seems like an awesome book! love the photography in it =)

Sprout said...

Why thank you! I've gotten so used to seeing the pictures on the screen it was almost wierd to see them printed on paper!

Now to think of interesting ways to photograph this year's prom flowers...


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