Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Prom Flowers - Bright and Funky for 2012

There are a lot of cool new products that we are using with our prom flowers this year- check them out!

This wrist corsage and boutonniere combo is built on a background of black diamond mesh ribbon.  Very cool and comes in several colors like red and fuchsia.

I also had to use some of the new mesh tubing - certainly not your same old, same old ribbon!

And feathers, yeah, gotta have some feathers.

This set of wrist corsages is a lot more subtle than the first picture, but no less interesting.  The orchids have a little rhinestone bling added to them and instead of ribbon, we nestled them in bases made out of the new sparkle tulle.  The sparkles don't show up well on my computer, but you have to trust me -it's very pretty!

Phalaenopsis orchid boutonniere using some of the silver diamond mesh ribbon.

Gerbera daisy boutonniere with rose petals and more diamond mesh accents!

Crazy composite flower made out of three different kinds of flowers.  Oooh - don't forget the cool mesh tubing "petals"!

And what do all three of these boutonnieres have in common?  Why magnets!

No more pins, no more bloody fingers - YESSSSS!

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