Monday, March 12, 2012

Flowers as Lifestyle

So I keep thinking and thinking about flowers as lifestyle

I read a lot of lifestyle blogs - there are so many - retro-hipster-foodie-organic-urban-DIY-wedding-repurposed-mod-swapped-green-vintage and so on. Flowers certainly can be a feature of any one of these lifestyles, but there doesn't seem to be a specific floral lifestyle.

The only exception seems to me to be among florists and garden club types. These are the people who are most passionate about flowers. 

What kind of flowers shops do these most passionate of flower people patronize? Are there shops that cater to this crowd?

And related - Is it possible to create a demand for a floral lifestyle?


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Moni said...

As a city dweller, my little oasis is the small patch of greenery in my backyard. I grow flowers and herbs and I am part of a CSA with local farmer market flower growers. I just wish there was more available - like I would love to take a floral arrangement class or meet with local gardeners in the area to talk about flowers and plants. I don't think there are too many shops that cater to this and it isn't because there isn't a demand either. Most people I know love flowers - appreciate the beauty they bring and a good number have small gardens or want to learn more about floral artistry.


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