Thursday, March 1, 2012

Creative Corsages for Prom

There is no law that says you have to have three white roses and baby's breath on a granny panty elastic band for your prom flowers.

Trust me on this - it is not required.

You have plenty of other options and anyone who tells you differently is a liar.
Or lazy.

Sometimes all you need is one dramatic bloom, like this cymbidium orchid.  Zebra print and black flash ribbon, spiral wire coils, polka dot leaves, and lime green feathers make this one of the splashiest wrist corsages ever.  Oooh!  And a little bling, can't forget the bling.

OK, this is about as far away from three white roses and baby's breath on a granny panty elastic as you can get.  Let's start with the bracelet - coffee colored pearls.  Hello!  Why would you settle for a wrist corsage on anything less than this?

Now the flowers, the flowers - tiger tail orchids.  Have you ever seen anything so cool?  Add in some bromeliad leaves, purple orchid petals, and beaded wire and - BAM!  You've got one awesome flower accessory.

Feeling flashy?  Have one of those crazy bright print dresses? Then this wrist corsage is for you!  Purple orchids with silver glitter leaves, aqua bling, and neon tubing instead of ribbon, make this a head turner.

Don't settle!
Demand different!


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