Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Centerpieces - the Cost of Wedding Flowers

Just spotted this cool collection centerpiece in Martha and realized we haven't dissected the cost of one of these in a while.

Martha Stewart Weddings

This interesting grouping of eclectic flowers and containers is perfect for the DIY wedding couple to consider.  While it might take a practiced eye to combine all of the interesting colors and textures, the actual design skills needed are pretty simple "chop and drop".

Let's see how the price breaks down.  I'm only going to account for the flowers I can identify; there are some flowers on the far side of the grouping, but they're out of focus so I can't tell what they are.

Also, since we're talking DIY here, I'm not going to include the cost of vases, bottles, antlers, oh and those teeny tiny cacti.

3 ranunculus @ $4 each
1 gloriosa lily head @ $5
3 garden roses @ $7 each
2 king protea @ $15 each
1 banksia @ $8
2 pin cushion protea @ $6 each
1 dusty miller @ $2.50

TOTAL:  $90.50

That's not a small sum for someone planning to go the DIY route.

Factor in vases, antlers, and cacti and you could expect to add on almost another $40 - 50.

When you break it down it's easy to see how deceptive even a simple looking magazine centerpiece can be when it comes to price.  If you're thinking you can get this look for $25, you can't.

You can get a different look, but not this one.

When you're shopping for wedding centerpieces, it might be wise to forget about the magazine and wedding blog photos.  They're being styled within an inch of their lives to look amazing and the costs to the stylist generally have little to nothing to do with your real life budget.

So how do you get a feel for what will work within your budget?

Decide what your per table budget is - $40, $100, $400 - and then ask the florists you're considering to show you examples of their work in your price range.

Wedding fantasies are great, who doesn't have them?

But unless you have the fantasy budget to match, you might want to check them at the door.


Moni said...

Looks can be quite deceiving! I would never expect the centerpiece above to cost so much. If I am going to spend $90+ or more on a DIY look, I might opt for something a little more glam.

Sprout said...

Yes, this is a very casual look for that amount of money, isn't it?


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