Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Book Review - Flowers in Tears

If you're anything like me you covet a beautiful flower pic filled book.

I try to keep my book buying urges in check as it can be quite the pricey indulgence.  Thank goodness we have the internet to fill the gaps between book buying sprees!

But really nothing can replace a book in your hand filled with great images on paper.  Looking at a monitor is just not the same, is it?

I have a range of flower books, but one area my library was deficient in was sympathy flowers.  I just never ran across a book on funeral flowers that I had to have.  Until this one - "Flowers in Tears" by Moniek Vanden Berghe.

This is a gorgeous book filled with flowers for funerals, memorials and burials, by Belgian floral designer Moniek Vanden Berghe.  

The designs are edgy and very avante garde by American standards for funeral flowers.  Most casket designs are very flat, dominated by pavee, and are more sculptural than what you would be apt to see here in the US.

This casket design featuring roses and passionflower is the most "American" look in the book.

More typical of Vanden Berghe's work is this tightly paved design with interesting textural elements like the swirls of xerographica foliage and rustic woven material.  The look is lush and sensual.

Every page is filled with great inspiration.  Even if you have a hard time envisioning these looks at a funeral, there are flower combinations and textures that will stick with you and that you might consider for other applications.

There's a little multi-lingual text (including English) at the front of the book, but the picture filled pages are mostly devoid of descriptions.  Also, for those who are hoping for step-by-step how to's and techniques, this is not the book for you.

But if your flower library has a gap when it comes to funeral flowers, "Flowers in Tears" will fill that space nicely!


Twigs said...

Thanks I think my shelf has a space for this book & I have always admired her work too.
ps- I love that white calla spray!

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