Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Prom Flowers - Hot and Bright Colors

Found some prom flower picks that I don't think got posted last season.  How on earth did that ever happen?  

Must have been too busy making prom flowers or something.

Here are some hot and bright wrist corsages for you!

Fuchsia and black combo - I'm very partial to this color way...OK, I like pink, I admit it.  There's nothing wrong with that.  Especially if the pink are these voluptuous, sexy, hot ranunculus.

Hot and tropical - what you need if your dress is neon bright.  Love how the mod chunky wrist corsage bracelet picks up so many of the flower colors.

Black and red all over.  Red baby roses, berries, and orchids on a bold black bracelet.

Pretty in pink, all the bright hot pink baby roses I could lay my hands on for this one, with a splash of fuchsia flash ribbon on a silver bracelet.  That boutonniere is - wired.

Slick.  Like oil on a puddle.  
Bright purple orchids and blues on this fab iridescent beaded bracelet.


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