Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Flora in Winter 2012 - The Galleries!

I didn't make it to all of the galleries at Worcester Art Museum's Flora in Winter event this year, ran into many folks and did a lot of chatting.  It's such a social scene!

But hey, it's way more than I saw last year, when I did Flora with pneumonia, and ended up in bed for 2 weeks, so it's all good.

First up - my gallery piece.

Electa Barrell, Mrs. Sampson Wilder - by Samuel Lovett Waldo and William Jewett

I might be having an affaire de coeur with her Parisian lace collar.  She was so a la mode.
Nineteenth century.
Old school.

All these loops and swirls are a bit of a departure for me.  At the museum I tend to go for blocky and abstract, and while this is not a literal interpretation of the painting, it comes pretty darn close.  For me at least.

I was trying my best to channel the German master florist, Gregor Lersch.  He's known for intricate weaving in his designs.

I spent hours, yes, hours, just making the underlying structure out of thin wood strips swirled and wired together.  Gregor must have a host of minions or free interns or something for his armatures are way more complex, and well, big.

One of the fun bits of going to the museum, of course, is to be the fly on the wall and slyly listen to the docents explain your design, and eavesdrop on comments.

It cracked me up to hear more than one docent remark on my container choice.  We actually write things for the docents so they will be speaking with knowledge and I made no remarks on the container.  So if you're wondering if I really did pick this goblet shape as a "toast" to Electra or to "show her elevated position in society"...

Yeah, no.
I picked this vase because the shape allowed me to give structure to my lace collar framework, and it gave ample room for water.  I would have been just as happy if it had been low and like a bowl.  My original concept had many of the blooms without water and well, that just wouldn't be nice for 4 days, would it?

OK, more museum tomorrow!

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