Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flora in Winter 2012 - The Galleries, Part 2

A sampling of some Flora in Winter designs from other galleries in the Worcester Art Museum:

The Royal Descendant, Hetepheres - Egyptian
Design by Kae Collins

Blue Sky - Georgia O'Keefe
Design by Virginia Orlando

Seated Male Figure - Mexico
Design by Ken Bositis

Girl With a Blue Dress - Kiki Smith
Andrea Driscoll/ Diane Pedersen

Black Garden Wall III - Louise Nevelson
Kim Cutler

Part of the fun is observing how much everyone else is enjoying the flowers!

Atherton Loring Jr. - Frank W. Benson
Design by Mary Fletcher

Benjamin Wood Abbott - Unknown Artist
Design by Lois Frampton/ Deborah Dowson

Elizabeth Clarke Freake (Mrs. John Freake) and Baby Mary and John Freake - American - The Freake-Gibbs Painter
Design by Sarah Ribeiro

The museum crowd absorbed by an a cappella chorale.

Opal - Anders Zorn
Design by Susan Detjens

La Geste Napolitain - Jean-Baptiste Greuze
Design by Sally E. Jablonski

Portrait of Charles-Auguste d'Allonville, Marquis de Louville - Hyacinth Rigaud
Design by Jackie Potenzone/ Tee Johnson

"I don't always have flowers, but when I do I get them at the Worcester Art Museum!"

Banquet Still Life - Abraham van Beyeren
Design by Ruth C. Crocker

The Calling of Saint Matthew - Bernardo Strozzi
Design by Beverly McClure

Saint John the Baptist - Andrea del Sarto
Design by Susan B. Dewey

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