Monday, January 9, 2012

Funeral, Memorial Flowers - for Cremation

Burial trends across the United States show an upward rise in cremations. While not as popular in Massachusetts as it is in other areas of the country, we have also noticed a move towards memorial services which involve cremains.

The absence of a casket and the small size of the typical urn can make it challenging to create a fitting final floral tribute that a loved one deserves. It should be something that is sized appropriately and shows the care and love of the family but also doesn't overwhelm the urn.

We recently did this lovely display for a memorial service. The raised platform in the center of the flowers gives the urn a special place, while the flowing flowers below the table's edge increases its presence without overwhelming it.

While we hope you never need to order funeral flowers from us and that all of your flower occasions are happy ones, know that we are also there to help guide you through some of your most difficult times.

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Josh Gilbert said...

Just like you click the pictures of a person when he is alive, you keep his reminisces in mind for longer when he is no more with you to share life moments. Anyway, choosing a cremation urn for performing the last rites will be a mark of respect towards the person who left for heavenly abode.


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