Thursday, December 1, 2011

Purple and Orange - A Funky Modern Wedding!

I haven't had too many brides say "Do whatever you want!" But this one did - insert big cheesey happy as a clam grin here!

Now that doesn't mean I could go on a mad floral free-for-all. I still had to stick with the bride and groom's budget, after all, how many of us have unlimited funds? And of course there was the color scheme, already decided before our meeting.

Oh, and I had license to be creative and artistic.


What follows is what happens when you let me loose!

Funky fresh bridesmaids bouquets! This couple was very relaxed and fun and wanted their wedding to be the same, so naturally the maids' bouquets needed to reflect that. The purple and orange color scheme was a bright punch and not one you see very often.

Don't you just love that rose?! It was a new one to me (gahd, rose varieties are always changing!) - called "Santana". LOVE! But haven't seen it since. Maybe it was a trial?

I had some fun with the forms as well as the colors - swirly loops of variegated lily grass, sprouting tulips - not even remotely like the classic round handtied bouquet that you usually see from me.

And texture! Lots and lots of texture! From the tiny straw-like globe ameranths, to the fuzzy "Green Trick" dianthus (That's fancy talk for carnations! Yes, that green fuzz is a carnation.), to the wool and wire wrapped handle. Fun for both eye and hand!

If you're thinking "Wool?", well, it's very hot in Europe and it's goat's wool, not sheep's, so none of that wet dog smell.

And now the bride! Saving the best for last!!!

I know your most recent bouquet is usually your favorite, but I think this one is going to stay top of the list for a while.

I had carte blanche, which while a florist's dream, is also a little intimidating. I mean usually we're probing and prodding the bride for long lists of blooms she likes, also the list of ones she hates...going through wedding flower photo after wedding flower photo trying to find something that captures her vibe...

For this bride I had details of her gown, accessories (purple shoes!), her maids' attire, and the table setting (purple runner with lots of ruffly purple flowers). Oh and she said she was good with carrying a colorful bouquet and I could be creative.

Be creative!

Oh man! Powerful words - and SO fun for me!!!

I tried to capture the feel of the ruffles that showed up in a couple places with the loopy ruffly aspidistra foliage. It has a very modern and fresh feel.

And those purple flowers - aren't they amazing?! Will you just die when I tell you that they're gladiolas?!!!

Yes, that much maligned flower most folks associate with funerals is also the beautiful butterfly like blooms in the bouquets. I'm sure no one has ever told me to use gladiolas in their bouquet before, but they were just the right shade of purple, totally worked with the budget, had the modern, fun and funky look we wanted, and I'm sure no one looked at the deconstructed blooms and thought funeral.


The groom's boutonniere was made to match with doubled up gladiola blossoms and a touch of "Green Trick" dianthus/ carnation.

Would you ever tell your florist - "Go for it - be creative!" "I trust you."?

Would you go for gladiolas?!!!


Stems said...

I love, love, love these bouquets! Gladiolias are a wonderful alternative and come in so many colors!
Just lovely.

Bree said...

Love it! It's gorgeous!

Chloe said...

So, I may be a bit biased as I was the bride, but I cannot tell you enough how amazing the flowers were! We're still getting compliments from people about our 'funky flare' flowers and how the colors just popped! I love you --- I love how you made our day special with the vibrant blooms --- and I especially love that you helped make our dreams come true! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Sprout said...

Chloe - You made my "make anything you want" dreams come true!


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