Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fifteen Seconds of Fame. Maybe.

So w-a-a-a-y back in the beginning of September my staff fielded a call from someone "claiming" to be a "producer" for a wedding program that was going to air on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

They thought, yeah, sure, and suggested the "producer" email the details. It was 5 minutes before closing for Labor Day weekend. They said they would like to tape the following day.

After reading the email, and doing some on line searching and deciding that this company was legit, I replied, but didn't hear anything back. It was the holiday weekend, I took my time replying, I thought oh well, it sounded interesting, but life goes on.

Fast forward 7 days.

We get another call.
It's Friday, 5 minutes before closing again.
They want to tape at Sprout on Monday.
They send paperwork.

This might really happen.
For real.

We clean like crazy people. The shop is closed on Mondays, and they're not coming until the end of the day so I go buy flowers and spend the day making the shop look its Sprouty best. Bonnie weeds the entire block just in case there is a shot of the neighborhood. So Worcester would look good to the world.

We wait.
The appointed time goes by.
We wait some more.
I make a call.
They're not coming - things happen, and the schedule is out of whack.

We negotiate a different time/day for them to come. We have a wedding that week, my window of available time is very small, but we work it out and decide on Thursday before the shop opens.

And then they come.
A swarm of very intense folks with walkie talkies and serious looking equipment storms the shop.




There were 8 crew - 1 producer/ director (yeah, reality TV is only sort of real LOL!), 1 production assistant (those two hid in the back and watched the footage as it was being taped on their computers), 2 sound people, 2 camera people, 1 guy for paperwork (there were more papers to sign), and 1 person who stayed outside the shop, presumably to keep people out.

Oh, and the bride and her maid of honor.
And me.
A lot of people for my tiny place.

Oh, it's called Don't Tell the Bride!
The premise - a happy couple are given $25,000 to put on their wedding. They have 3 weeks to do it.
The catch - the groom does all of the planning! And they can't see or talk to each other until they meet at the end of the aisle.

Hilarity ensues.

I had no preparation other than I was the bride's "fantasy" florist and that I might have to make a centerpiece while we talked. I did not know anything about her, her taste, her color scheme, etc.

I gather they contrast what the bride would like to have at her wedding with what the groom really chooses. Hence the hilarity.

Even after taping, I know virtually nothing about the couple or the wedding. We were sworn to secrecy about our part in the show and they were mum about the rest of it. I do know the couple are from Worcester.

And during the taping I got the impression that they were getting towards the end of the three week planning period and that it was very tough on the bride to be away from her honey for so long.

So I need to watch the show just to see how it all turns out!

I was very nervous.
They let me jammer on camera for almost an hour and a half.
I'm pretty sure I never once said the name of the shop.
Some strange man had to tape a microphone to my boob.
Husband has put him on a "list".
They said they chose Sprout because it has personality.
I was paid only for the cost of the flowers I used.
I did my own hair and make up.

Such as it is.

These are just a few quick shots I took to document that this was for real. I couldn't tell you about it until the program started to air, which was mid-October. And then I waited until now because they post the schedule only 2 weeks ahead, and even then it is constantly changing.

But "our" episode is scheduled to air this week - FINALLY!
Don't Tell the Bride - OWN, Oprah Winfrey Network, Local Charter channel #301 for you Worcester folks.
Wednesday, December 14, 10:00pm.

I'm DVRing it, because I have to get up early to buy flowers Thursday morning.

I know Sprout may end up on the cutting room floor.
But if you see it, and we make the show, please be a dear and just tell me the shop looks marvelous, that I don't sound like an idiot, and most importantly that I don't look ginormous.

Because that's what really matters.


alicia.. said...

That's awesome! I wonder if it'll show in other cities? I'm going to search now!!

Sprout said...

Depends on your cable provider! You can check here - http://www.oprah.com/own

Kelly said...

This was a BBC show originally. I watched it once or twice on BBCA. The premise is pretty funny, but the brides were generally really happy with the outcome. (The craziest part was having the grooms pick out the dresses).

Wasn't there an actual wedding at some point? Did they have someone else do the actul flowers for it? That's kind of crap.

Sprout said...

I watched a couple of the British episodes on line to see what I was getting into, since this was the first season of an American version of the show.

There was an actual wedding and if there were flowers at it, they were done by another florist. I can't wait to see what the groom picked!


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