Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Wedding - Tartan, Plaid, and Trees!

We had a holiday wedding the week before Christmas this year, often times it's the week after, so this was a nice treat for both us and the guests!

The bride wanted a Christmas look to her wedding that didn't scream Christmas, so no red and green for her. Too obvious. She decided on dark blue gowns for the maids and get this - black watch plaid bow ties and cummerbunds for the men! Classic.

When did you last see plaid ties and cummerbunds? I think this look is meant for a return and is especially appropriate for the holidays. Wish I had a pic of them!

So simple green and blue hydrangea bouquets with evergreens for the maids. You can't see in the photo, but they have the black watch tartan wrapped around their stems.

The bride chose lovely creams, and soft greens with blue accents of hyacinth and thistles. Classic wedding blooms like roses and stephanotis with just a touch of winter pines for greenery fill the bouquet out.

OK, here's my favorite part of the bride's bouquet! We talked about having just a touch of the tartan on the handle of her bouquet, maybe a discrete tailored bow. But when I was working with the ribbon, I thought it might lend itself to kind of a rosette.

I think I had kind of a "Four Weddings and a Funeral" Highland wedding vision in my head. You know, the Scottish wedding, where the guy in a kilt drops dead?

That, or I've been reading way too many British wedding mags over the past 20 years! Either way, I gave the bride a tartan rosette. I hope it made her as happy as it made me to do it!

Centerpieces at Tuckerman Hall were super simple but elegant Christmas trees. These were real live dwarf Alberta spruces in sparkly gold bowls with a touch of, you guessed it, black watch plaid ribbon.

A strand of teeny tiny LED lights and all was complete! Love, love, love these lights!! They were pricey, but well worth it I thought. My first time using them and they are truly tiny. The bulbs are maybe half a grain of rice big.


Any how, I'm mad for plaid!
What about you?

And no, I don't know if the bride or groom was Scottish.
Silly me for not asking!

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