Monday, November 14, 2011

Wedding Flower Demo - Hitomi Gilliam

During the summer I had the great good fortune to be able to attend a wedding flower demo given by Hitomi Gilliam at Tower Hill Botanical Garden.

Those of you who are familiar with Hitomi's work will be going "Wow!" And those of you who are unfamiliar should look her stuff up on line.

She's pretty fabulous.

Hitomi showed us some bridal bouquets which were just as vibrant and full of movement as she was!

Lots of action in this yellow and green bouquet...

...and a lot of action coming from Hitomi! She moves around so much it was hard to get good pictures of her.

She's known for her use use of armatures. Armatures are structures or frameworks around which the floral pieces are built. This bouquet was made on an interesting wire fan shaped structure.

Here we've got an all white bridal bouquet, but no round ball for Hitomi! Lots of ins and outs with the classic wedding flowers of lilies and hydrangea, but then add all that movement with the foliages and -

You've got one awesome contemporary bouquet.

Full house! Two hundred people if I recall, in Tower Hill's Orangerie.

Hitomi is v-e-r-y expressive.

Yes, that's a hammer in her hand.

I cannot remember why.

I'm kind of in love with this bouquet.
It has crystals.
And wool.

Does that make it hipster ironic?
Or way floral cool?!

Hitomi was making it her mission at one point to bring back the BHO. For you non-florists that's the plastic handled floral foam topped bridal bouquet holder that Martha Stewart has virtually driven out of most flower shops with her focus on handtied bouquets.

There are definitely some looks that work so much better with a BHO, but they have their own set of challenges.

Who's ready to go back to using them?
Or have you never given them up?

I'm torn.

Here she is "greening" up a BHO with the floral anathema, the carnation. I have to say I really like this idea of using them as a base under the other blooms.

Assuming I can wrap my head around using a BHO, that it is.

How to tell you're attending a florists' event? Why flowers in the restroom, of course!

Wedding bouquet guts. See the wire swirlies and all of those woven willow branches (brown sticks)? That's another armature. All of the flowers were then added to it.

Wool is huge right now and this wool and wire bouquet collar is pretty exceptional.

What do you think? Can you see your bridesmaids carrying bouquets with this?

There was much more, but it grew too dark to take pictures and too late for my tired self. If you ever get the chance to see Hitomi Gilliam demo, you should really go! She is full of energy and inspiration!


Moni said...

I am a HUGE fan of her work. I wish I could attend a floral class and learn to create beautiful arrangements. They are so fresh and modern!

Sprout said...

We all left quite pumped to try a few of her techniques. :-)


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