Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cream and Green Wedding Flowers

A few wedding party pics -

Bridal bouquet - all in creams and greens - baby green hydrangea and ornithogalum arabicum (sorry, there isn't an easier name for it), ladies' mantle, green cymbidium orchids, two shades of cream roses...variegated aspidistra leaf loops to finish.

I have to say I really like this color palette. It's perfect for someone who is leaning towards the classic white and/ or ivory but wants just a touch more color.

Bride's maid in front - same colors, but a little more green with hypericum berries and some cream stock.

Oh, and the shininess - they aren't plastic flowers.
Only the real deal here!

I had just misted them before taking out the camera.

I promise they were dry by the time I delivered them.


KatieWFU06 said...

what is the little white and black flower?

Sprout said...

That is the ornithogalum arabicum. They grow in a cluster at the top of a long smooth stem.


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