Monday, August 15, 2011

Babies' Breath & Gerbera Daisy Wedding

I'm never sure if it's babies' breath plural or baby's breath singular. In the shop we say gyp - highly technical florist lingo for gypsophilia - and written on orders sometimes as BB.

Since we used clouds of it this week and most of you aren't florists, I'm going with the plural.

Our bride wanted simple, white, and with a vintage vibe. What's simpler and more nostalgic than a bridal bouquet of babies' breath?!

I'm sure more than a few folks are going ewww...I hate babies' breath. But on its own, it makes for a seriously dainty bouquet.

Like fairies made it.

Groom needed a complementary boutonniere, naturally.

The maids' bouquets were equally simple with ivory gerbera and a touch of sea star fern to trim them off. I love how the ferny bits make flowers look both old and up to the minute at the same time. That Neo-Victorian thing.

We heard the maid of honor loves dragonflies, so a touch of dragonfly bling for her posy.

A couple additional styles of boutonnieres - miniature gerbera to the right and ornithogalum arabicum on the left.

In keeping with the simple nostalgic theme, the centerpieces were loose twists of ivy and a few gerbera around the couple's parchment wrapped pillar candle. We lucked out with the biggest, freshest ivy ever!

The cake, by Sweet of Worcester, just needed a couple blooms on top to finish it off.

Chuppah poles with babies' breath tufts and streamers, wait at the ready.

The aisle was capped off with these fanciful babies' breath-gyp-BB orbs-balls-pomanders.

Cute, no matter what you call them!

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