Monday, July 18, 2011

The Manny Family Album

The Manny Family was lodged in the gap between two dumpsters, no longer loved or needed. Under cover of, well, not much except it was raining...under cover of it was raining and people tend to ignore what they don't understand, we liberated some of the Mannys.

We would have rescued more Mannys, but the hatchback was not made for rigid bodies.

The Manny Family safe house. AKA the garage.

After a period of time in hiding, the Mannys started feeling a little safer, a little bolder...

...they made their way to the back room, and posed, quietly.

After standing still for a very long time, even a Manny likes a good rub down.

You try keeping a straight face while rubbing a Manny butt!

A second attempt at "clothing" the Mannys - not a great look, but who knew they'd be so challenging to attire? They were clotheshorses in their former lives, right?

Lady Gaga Manny's threads take shape.

Some people in this photo think they work for Twila Tharp. Or Mark Morris.

Neon Mannys.

Manny Family in a state of semi-dress. Looking a lot like dancers from an 80's version of A Chorus Line.

Introducing Emmy, Lady Gaga, and Oscar Manny.

Last chance to lie around and relax for the Mannys.

The Mannys get plastered!
OK, so it's concrete - what evs.

The tough as nails, super serious Sprout concrete team.
Not afraid to work with their hands.

All resumes updated shortly after this with - Can mix concrete.

Waiting for concrete to dry.
You try staying serious when the guy at the hardware store asks what kind of concrete you are looking for.
"The kind that will hold mannequins in place in big planters please."

Bonnie stands by her Manny.

Double bubble, we are nothing but trouble!

Going all Mrs. Tweedy on me with the concrete mixer!

Manny family cool.

As much as one can in cement shoes.

The Manny's might just be too hip for us now.

Lady Gaga and Emmy strike a pose.

Kind of a Silence of the Lambs moment.

Manny-devilla and coleus plants to finish.

I'd say they were waiting for a bus, but they're not.

Emmy and Oscar in a quiet moment.

The Manny family contemplates getting a slurpee.

More Manny Family adventures to come!!!

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