Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Boston Public Library Wedding

If there's one thing we love at Sprout as much as flowers (outside of our SO's and families, naturally!), it's books! So when asked to create centerpieces for a wedding reception at the Boston Public Library, we were all over that!

Our couple had already had a destination ceremony, so this gig was strictly party flowers. They were in a reading room with the long oak tables and the classic brass and green glass lamps. Library heaven.

The flowers were an assortment of blooms with a vintage garden feel. Lots of grasses, pods, and dusty miller complete the look.

We placed a selection of books the couple provided on every table which they sourced at the library book sale. I have a feeling they might end up donated back to the library - what goes around, comes around!

Every book and flower "tableau" was laid out differently.

In this picture you can see that the flowers were done as handtied bouquets and not in dishes. We were going for a "Jane Austin just happened to drop into a wedding at a library" kind of look LOL!

We did a test on the blooms back at the shop by leaving some of the daintier ones out of water to see how they would look. While we definitely do NOT recommend you leaving your flowers out of water for any length of time - it compromises their longevity severely - it worked out just fine for a few hours at an event.

Books and blooms - the best of both worlds!


Bow Street Flowers said...

Hey Sprout, pretty cool. We've had two inquiries for BPL weddings. Who caters? and did they just start offering it as a venue?

Sprout said...

Thanks! We have another one there in 2 weeks. :-)

The Catered Affair is the caterer. I don't think clients have a choice. Not sure how long they've been doing events, hard to imagine it's something new though. I wonder if maybe they used to have a house florist or something and now they've opened it up?


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