Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cost of Wedding Flowers: Centerpieces

(photo Martha Stewart Weddings)

e haven't done one of these in a while! The most recent issue of Martha Stewart Weddings has a feature on saving money by DIYing with inexpensive flowers.

Sounds like a good idea on the face of it - you use cheaper varieties of flowers, no peonies or lily of the valley here - and you can save some big bucks. AND if you want to make it yourself you can save even more money.

But it's all an illusion.

OK, that's me speaking with my meager wallet. Maybe this works out for great savings - you tell me - does this yellow centerpiece seem like a bargain to you?

The run down:

NB - Martha does not provide the recipe, so what follows is my best guess.

1.5 bunches of mimosa @ $30.
16 stems goldenrod/ solidago @ 32.
26 stems craspedia @ 65. (that's the small yellow ball on a stick flower)
1 bunch kumquats on the stem @ 25.
1 bunch lavender @ 25.
1 bunch olive leaves @ 20.
12 lemons @ 24.
Flower total, retail = $221.

But we're not done!
You still need the nifty Vera Wang containers. I followed the link provided to price them:

1 small dipping bowl @ $11.
1 soup bowl @ 15.50
1 10" serving bowl @ 71.50
Container total (shipping & tax additional) = $98.

So this DIY centerpiece comes to $319.

A bargain? For DIY? I suppose. You could expect to pay around $450-600 for this centerpiece if you ordered it from your florist in those Vera Wang bowls so in that respect it's a deal. And if you turn around and sell those bowls on line after the wedding, you could probably get most of the money on them back.

So then you're just out the $221. for flowers.

For a DIY centerpiece.

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