Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Survey Says! Royal Poll Results

We put a little poll on the blog last week asking you to prognosticate what Kate Middleton would be carrying and wearing on her head at her very, very royal wedding.

Here are the results -

  • 65% said she would wear a sparkly crown/ tiara/ coronet on her head.
  • Right on!
  • 52% said she would carry a cascade/ shower bouquet.
  • Close enough for me!
  • 63% said her flowers would be white/ ivory.
  • Classic.
  • 61% said David Austin roses would be featured in her bouquet. 38% said lily-of-the-valley.
  • We were so wrong on the roses, but lily-of-the-valley was by far the runner-up.

I think you would all do very well on The Feud: Royal Edition!!!

Thanks for voting!

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