Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Funeral Flowers

When someone calls us to order funeral flowers, we always ask if they're familiar with our work. We're known for being less traditional than other shops, and want to be sure that we're a good fit for what the client is looking for. A funeral is not the kind of event where the client says "Just surprise me!".

This first piece is a casket arrangement. Most funeral parlors in this area typically leave the casket half open and the flowers would sit on the other half. There are some amazing bright colored flowers in here - lime green cymbidium orchids, orange pin cushion protea, coxcomb, and French tulips, orchids in purple and gold, yellow kangaroo paws, Cherry Brandy roses, liatris, allium, hydrangeas, and hypericum berries.

This is one of a pair of coordinating floral arrangements that will flank the casket. You'll notice on these two pieces there is something we refer to as script. This is a little word or phrase saying something about the relationship of the deceased to the person who ordered the flowers, so in this case Husband and Brother. This is usually done with orders from the closest family members, but not always.

Some cultures like to put long prayers on ribbons. There are no "rules" and it should be what ever brings the most comfort to the living.

Another coordinating arrangement using many of the same flowers.

From time to time, we get requests for smaller accessory arrangments like this garland. This would have been draped inside the open casket lid as a finishing touch.

Funeral flowers are a special way to honor the deceased and comfort the living.


Connie Chandler said...

Cathy, your garland is lovely. Do you mind sharing the construction: wire and tape, glue, a little of both?
Thanks, Connie

Sprout said...

Thanks! I made the green garland by braiding ruscus together and wiring in spots and then wrapping deflexus over that and securing here and there with wire. That gave me a thick enough base for gluing.

The flowers are all glued in. I even glued in some ruscus at the end to get foliage in all the right spots - I'm picky LOL!


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