Monday, May 9, 2011

Greening the Mean Streets of Worcester: Guerrilla Gardening

We recently had a Worcester Blogger/ Guerrilla Gardening event at the shop. You may remember we made some seed bombs a couple springs ago - we decided to give them another go! (You really need to click the Worcester Blogger link above to see the image I really, really need on a tee shirt or poster!)

Everything I read about seed bombs suggested using dry powered clay to make them, but I don't know where the heck to get that stuff. Couldn't find any around here.

So I went with a mixture of kitty litter (that's the best I could do in the clay department) for clumping purposes, composted cow manure (yes, composted - it's less stinky, at least while making the bombs private LOL there between me and the bombers), sunflower seeds (easily found in big bags in the birdfood section), and some yellow clover seeds (for variety).

Mixed it all up with some water...

...and you get some lovely poo-like meatballs loaded with seeds! Gloves are helpful if you care to preserve your manicure. :-)

Of course, not everyone cares about their manicure!

Seed bombs were tossed here in the Woo on May 1st. We hit 3 vacant lots. It's been off and on lightly rainy for a whole week and the seed bombs were semi sprouted by the time we tossed them, so fingers crossed that something comes from it and perhaps you'll see some blooms in August!

Or maybe we just had a great time making snack bombs for the city wildlife.

I'm good.
Either way.

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