Monday, March 21, 2011

Prom Flowers 2011 - Wrist Corsages

Here's a wrist corsage I'm calling Black Swan made out of "Twilight" roses. These roses have been dyed black and the jury is still out on whether I'm going to carry them as I have concerns about the dye getting on skin and clothing. But in the mean time I couldn't resist getting a bunch and experimenting!

Coordinating Black Swan boutonniere out of black feathers.

What do you think? Is the appeal of black roses so great you'd risk getting some dye on you? (FWIW it's a blue dye, does that make a difference?)

Very fun wrist corsage on the upgraded aqua crstal bracelet with hot pink gerbera daisies and a turquoise peacock feather accent.

I love this one! It would look great with some of those very popular tropical colored dresses.

This is a more basic wrist corsage out of orchids and hyacinth blossoms. We've been selling lots of this look for the 9th grade semi formals.

What types of prom flowers are you looking for?!


hb said...

those are great/fun designs for prom. what do you charge for those corsages?

Sprout said...

Glad you like them, thanks! Prices for wrist corsages start at $35 and go up to $60.


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