Saturday, February 5, 2011

Now is the Winter of Our Discontent

OK, I know that line from Shakespeare's Richard III continues on in a more optimistic vein, but it has the words winter and discontent in the same sentence which feels right just about now.

I've lost track of how many inches of snow we've gotten so far this year, I think the last I recall hearing was something in the 70+" range so far.

Here's what the intersection my shop is at looks like (thank you Duncan!):

Do you see those store windows to the right outlined in twinkie lights? Well, my shop is the small cluster of lights just to their left. Yup, uh huh.

I've been told that you can only see my shop from about halfway up; the snowbanks have completely covered the parking meters.

You'll noticed I said "I've been told". That's because if the snow was not enough aggravation, I have a case of walking pneumonia. It's day #21. I haven't been to the shop in a week. I haven't been anywhere in a week, except to the garage to drop my car off (check engine light) - because at one point I was optimistically thinking I would be going back to work.


I'm not going anywhere.

So the shop has been closed I think 7 snowy days this winter so far. My apologies. Truly.

We hate to disappoint anyone and we know you count on us to be there, but it's more important that everyone stay safe and snug and not risk life and limb for flowers.

Yes, we're on our last nerve, yes, everyone's wallets are growing thinner...

So we're trying to think more like this:

And this:

And try to keep a warm spot in our hearts in spite of it all...!


Tracy Novick said...

We miss you and hope you feel better soon!

Sprout said...

Thanks Tracy! I miss people!!! And flowers!


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