Monday, January 10, 2011

A Floral Penguin for a Funeral

From time to time we get asked to make something personal and unique for a funeral. Not that every funeral we do isn't already unique, but well, it's not every day you get asked to make a penguin.

When someone says "I'd really like a penguin out of flowers for a funeral" you have to be able to think fairly quickly how you can pull this together.

First - What can I use for black and white flowers?

Next - What black and white flowers can I actually lay my hands on in the limited time frame I have to work in?

Third - How am I going to assemble this design so it not only survives the delivery, but lives overnight as this one had to since it had to be delivered the day before an early morning service?

Every floral design is a blend of art and engineering. I know many people think florists just throw flowers in a vase, but it is so much more than that.

Not only do we need to understand art principles like color theory, proportion, rhythm, and scale, we also need to know design techniques like pave and sheltering.

Then add on top of that the structural engineering - yup, engineering. How are you going to assemble all your creative flowery bits so you can deliver them and have them arrive looking the same as when they left the shop and display beautifully?

A lot to consider.

Had a tough time with an idea for a background for the penguin. Would have loved blue like the sky, but there was nothing in a blue flower that I could use this short cut pave technique. So I went with a wintery mix of whites and grays, hoping it at least gave the penguin an arctic kind of feel.


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alicia.. said...

Wow, that's so cool and I love penguins!


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