Monday, January 31, 2011

Flora in Winter 2011 - Worcester Art Museum

This year's Flora in Winter at the Worcester Art Museum was fraught with difficulties - a bumped up time line because of snow, disappointing floral materials, and killer colds. But we powered through and were able to deliver some good stuff!

My gallery piece was an interpretation of Jan Steen's The Rhetoricians. I've actually always rather liked this painting - there's something charming about the idea of poets and playwrights getting together to read and perform.

The original plan for my arrangement was dumped at the last moment - I couldn't get what I wanted for materials and the things I substituted just weren't doing it for me, so I had to quickly come up with a plan B out of stuff already at hand.

I liked the idea of speech and really wanted to incorporate printed text into the arrangement, so I used a page from a Dutch history book in a speech balloon coming out of the air plant which suggested a beard. The wooden shoes (yes, I actually have several pairs kicking around the shop!) were an obvious nod to all things Dutch, but also served to contrast with the black lacquered boxes - old v. new, rustic v. shiny. It also pulled in some of the right colors.

The shoe is resting on a small cluster of roses - an homage to the name of this particular guild who were the Egelantiers, named for the eglantine rose.

My assistant Kae, made this piece that went with an old woman praying. My photo is not too fab - the pedestal placement made it hard to get the flowers and painting in one shot. (I also thought I'd get back to the museum to take more pics, but it was not to be as the cold I had was really pneumonia.)

She did a fairly literal interpretation with the woman, the skull, and the hourglass as the main elements. I wish you could see how cool the details are! If I find a better photo somewhere, I'll update this post!

Unfortunately, unless I can borrow someone else's photos, this may be all I have this year from the WAM galleries. There's always next year!

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