Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fall Corporate Event

I was digging through some older photos and found a couple things I neglected to blog. This one's a corporate event we did in November for the Worcester Business Journal. They're pretty easy to work with, I ask what colors, and they let me do what I feel like!

So when I asked the colors on this one I was told to go with the color scheme of the invite, which was blues and greens, and that the linens would be white.

So I chose hydrangeas in blues and greens, the uber trendy peacock feathers, brown vases to get a seasonal feel and to keep it from looking like a similar event we had done for them, and lots of great fall textures like grevillea foliage, sorghum, cattails, and hypericum berries.

So imagine my surprise when I arrived to see cream linens and a rusty burgundy napkin! Not at ALL what we were expecting! Thank goodness for those tiny touches of hypericum berries - they were the only thing that kept the flowers from looking like a completely random accident.

The Journal was just as surprised as I was, or I'd feel really silly, and we got lots of compliments on the flowers, and how well the colors went with everything LOL!

For more pictures of the event and better ones of the blooms, check out the Woo Biz Journal's slideshow here.

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